Welcome to Zora & Zuri Journeys. It is for the love of nature that brings the leisure. Our main objective is to provide a luxury travel for the travelers and that suites all the generations across the travel and leisure industry. Being one of the leading luxury tour operators in Kenya, we are with you   to explore the tourism and travel across the leisure and hospitality industry in Kenya and to take nature expeditions to the rest of the world. An established company setting its mandated services and responsibilities to organize and provide you with the holiday package and safari experience of your dream to suit your budget.

We offer a wide range of specialized services within the tourism and travel industry. Always in the forefront to sensitize Kenya as a holiday and safari destination.

We operate with experienced personnel in field guides, reservations and excursions. For long safaris and wilderness experience, to bring the whole wilderness paradise to your vicinity we also provide special 4×4 Toyota land cruiser Safaris.

We operate fixed day sighting and excursions as well as Air and Road Safaris, run daily from the Hotels and Resorts of your residence.

In the recent years following the changing tourism packages we introduced the safari special land cruiser to overcome the poor terrain and poor park road network.